Kigali • Rwanda

20-22 October 2024



NCD Alliance is organising this year’s Forum in partnership with local host organisation, the Rwanda NCD Alliance.

About The NCD Alliance

The NCD Alliance (NCDA) is a registered non-governmental organisation (NGO) based in Geneva, Switzerland, dedicated to supporting a world free from preventable suffering, disability and death caused by noncommunicable diseases (NCDs).

Founded in 2009, NCDA brings together a unique network of over 300 members in more than 80 countries into a respected, united and credible global civil society movement. The movement is unified by the cross-cutting nature of common risk factors including unhealthy diets, alcohol use, tobacco smoking, air pollution and physical inactivity, and the system solutions for chronic NCDs such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, chronic lung disease, diabetes, mental health and neurological disorders.

About Rwanda NCD Alliance

Rwanda NCDA is a unique civil society network, founded in 2016 and uniting 25 organizations (people living with NCDs, health care professionals and youth-led organizations and private institutions) working on NCDs in Rwanda.

Their mission is to unite the efforts and create a powerful voice for the NCDs awareness rising, advocate for the prevention and control of NCDs and their risk factors in Rwanda; by promoting multisectoral partnerships, healthy living style education, early detection and responding to NCDs challenges to improve health and well-being.

“We are proud to be the local host organisation for the 4th edition of the Global Forum. The burden of NCDs has increased tremendously over the years in Africa. The Global NCD Alliance Forum will be timely and a crucial opportunity to showcase best practice and help accelerate progress in tackling NCD burden in Rwanda, across the region and globally."

Kigali • Rwanda

20-22 October


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